To ensure your event is a happy and safe one, please take the time to read through our terms and conditions regarding the health and safety for yourself and others. As well as making booking super easy for everyone.

WIND SPEED: The UK legal wind speed for ANY inflatable limits a maximum wind speed of 24mph. No reputable company would set up in weather where wind speeds reach 24 and above. It is dangerous, neglectful and puts everyone at risk. Your child's safety comes first and foremost. In the event of wind speed prediction & gusts being 24mph and above, we would cancel, and a refund will be provided in the form of store credit or a rescheduled date. If wind speeds are less than 24mph but gusts are predicted, we still may need to cancel in which case a refund would still be viable in the form of store credit or a later date. Booking fees are non-refundable, we always strongly advise our customers to book indoor venues due to the good old British weather being so risky in the case of spoiling parties. Anemometers are provided per booking which measure wind speed, it is the responsibility of the person hiring to check regularly to ensure the safety of anyone using the apparatus. You will be shown how to use the equipment by our fully trained and experienced staff during a health and safety briefing once setup has been carried out. In the event of strong winds, the inflatable must be evacuated and deflated straight away. this can be done simply by switching the plug at the wall. Once wind speeds are within range, you may inflate again by switching the plug back on. In the event of rain, please ensure the inflatable is not switched off, the material soaks up the water and becomes a problem for the operator to collect. It can also lead to unnecessary drying time therefore affecting other hires. The blower and cables are designed for outdoor use and will not be affected by wet weather. Don't be alarmed by bubbles foaming through the seams, this is normal as the air pushes the water out. In order to secure your booking date, we require 50% deposit which is deducted from your total. The outstanding balance can be paid via cash on delivery, bank transfer or PayPal. We do not accept cheques, credit cards or payment on collection. Unsuitable payment methods on arrival will result in cancellation and refunds will not be valid. If you have a date in mind, it is your responsibility to secure the booking by paying the deposit. Enquiries do not count as a confirmed booking; our website has a booking system which incidentally works on a first come first served basis. We cannot refuse service to another customer by waiting on your confirmation. Please ensure you select the correct options for your booking. This includes surface, accessibility, location, age of children using equipment and measurements. If the operator cannot set up conveniently or safely, this may result in cancellation. Driveways, decking and AstroTurf are not suitable for set up. If your postcode is not available, please contact us personally and we will assist. You are well within your rights to cancel at any time should you need to. We are happy to reschedule a later date or offer store credit in return. Please note that cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to your booking are exempt from re-booking or store credit. All hires must be supervised by a competent adult over the age of 18 years old. A health and safety briefing will be carried out along with relevant paperwork which is to be signed by the person responsible. Please note, this person accepts full responsibility for all equipment hired and those using it. All hire equipment must be returned clean and in the exact same condition it was left on arrival. Cleaning/ repair charges may apply otherwise. Any accidents, faults or damage MUST be reported immediately to us. phone numbers will be applied alongside our Facebook page and email. Do not move the apparatus once set up, it will have been secured if outdoors. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that the equipment is not overcrowded, has the appropriate age using it, the blower is always left uncovered , the equipment is left as it was set up. No climbing on the walls or beams of bouncy castle, this can damage and result in repair charges. Bouncy castles need to be seen inflated on collection. Please do not switch off or attempt to roll up. Make sure any indoor venues are insured. Our insurance applies when our staff are supervising. Dry hires result in the hotel/hall/community centre having public liability. We have public liability insurance of £5m. Our insurance covers us, it is up to the hirer (you) to provide their own protection.

However, if your event takes place at an establishment such as a church hall, hotel, community centre, function room, etc it is their insurance which needs to be covering your hire. Our insurance policy requires an MPH staff member to be present. We do offer a supervision service at £30 per staff member per hour at a minimum of 4 hours. We strongly advise you to provide your own insurance for private hires should you wish to not book this service. The staff supervision service is purely for insurance and supervising the equipment on hire. The staff are not responsible for any children nor should any minors be left unsupervised by their parents/guardians at any time during the hire. Staff are first aid trained should any assistance be required. DBS and CRB checks are not required due to children not being left unattended at any time during the hire. Staff are not there to supervise the children whilst operating any apparatus such as bouncy castles, soft play, games etc. Didi cars and Scuttlebugs may mark some indoor venue floors. It is advised to check with your venue that you are permitted to use them. All games must be collected in the same condition as on arrival. All parts must be complete, clean and undamaged. Any missing or damaged parts could result in full replacement fee. No shoes, badges spectacles, jewellery, sharp objects on or around ANY of the equipment.  No food or drink on or around equipment. No balloons, string, confetti to be taken on an inflatable as this is a choking hazard. Party poppers, silly string, and henna are prohibited from the bouncy castle and soft play, permanent staining can be classed as damage and result in a repair charge due to panel replacement. No smoking. No animals near equipment. Do not pour any liquids on the castle, washing up liquid and other slippery substances breaches health and safety. Some cleaning products could damage the material/ paint work, hose pipes will drench the material and cause unnecessary problems on collection and could affect other hires due to cleaning/drying. Socks must be worn on the inflatable for hygiene purposes as well as preventing any rubbing against the vinyl.  Please avoid cutting the grass if you can, this helps us massively when it comes to cleaning dead grass ready for the next hire. 

Face painting.                                                                                                                                                                        Please note that photos may be taken throughout the booking. Parents must always be present  if their child is under 16 years of age. Face painting is not recommended for children under the age of 3 years; however, your face painter may agree at their own discretion. Face paint will not be applied to any areas with broken skin, burns, cuts or other wounds. If your child is unwell, it is your responsibility to make it known to the face painter. If the child is visibly unwell i.e.: flu/chicken pox/cold sores face painting will be refused to avoid contamination or spreading of illness. All our face painting products are professional and of the highest quality, vegan and cruelty free. Please feel free to speak to us regarding products and brushes used if you have any concerns. Our minimum booking time for face painting is 2 hours, this usually covers 15-25 faces depending on design. Please make sure you book the correct time slot as our painters usually have several parties to attend in one day and cannot stay to paint more faces than predicted in booking form once time is up In order to avoid any stress or impatience, we always recommend the party organiser writes a list of children attending who wish to have their face painted. This ensures everyone on the list gets a turn. It also helps the painter to work effectively. Supervision Is a MUST and is the parent or guardian’s responsibility. The painter is not responsible for your children.  We do not tolerate any abuse from anyone, verbal or physical. This will result in immediate pack up and the painter will leave. Products are to not be touched under any circumstances, we pride ourselves in our displays, brushes and paints. Any damage or theft of products will result in immediate cancellation and the organiser will receive an invoice for replacement. If the child is undecided on a design, or is unavailable on their turn, they will have to come back at the end. That way other faces can be painted. If the child changes their mind halfway through the design, they will have an option to either continue or wash their face and re-join the queue at the end. Mild itching whilst the paint is drying is completely normal, however in the case of severe itching, stinging, burning sensation or streaming eyes, wash the face immediately with warm soapy water. Although our products are all hypoallergenic, we cannot guarantee the sensitivity of everyone’s skin. Please inform the painter beforehand of any allergies or skin conditions that could be affected. We can paint on arms instead. Removal of face paint is recommended with warm soapy water or baby oil on a cotton pad for stubborn stains. Never use baby wipes as this can cause a skin reaction.

Glitter tattoos: Cosmetic glue is used with biodegradable glitter. Please note that glitter tattoos are strictly for hands and arms only. Minimum booking time is 1 hour and covers 10 tattoos (1 tattoo per person) Tattoos may last longer than 24 hours, best removal is with baby oil and cotton pads. Glitter tattoos are not recommended for under 3’s.

Festival glitter is provided for the hair, side of face and beards. You must be aged 16 and over. Children under 16 are permitted for hair glitter only providing the consent of a responsible guardian aged 18+. Festival glitter is applied using a cosmetic quality grade gel and biodegradable cosmetic glitter. All products are vegan, hypoallergenic and of the highest quality.

Body glitter is available to clients aged 18 and over. You will need to sign a consent form to state that you are happy to receive the service from our artist. The body glitter service can be applied anywhere, usually most effective for shows and processions. High density glitter is applied for full coverage. Please note that once applied, it is your responsibility to follow the guidelines provided by the artist. Activities that involve extreme movement such as acrobatics and running may affect the durability of the glitter. In the case of leg/ buttocks glitter, activities such as sitting could cause “shifting” Please note that glitter is just that, it can and will cause a mess. Although unlikely, be aware that allergic reactions are not always 100% guaranteed to be prevented. In the occurrence of any severe itching, burning, stinging, or feeling unwell, remove the body art immediately and seek medical advice. Removal of the body art is simply done by a shower down with warm soapy water. Pat dry with a towel, do not rub at skin. Baby wipes are not recommended as this can cause irritation or allergic reaction.




Balloon arches are to not be moved once set up. Doing so could result in the whole display collapsing or damage to the equipment/accessories. fixing the arch up again would result in an additional charge, however staff may not be available at short notice should this occur. The staff will take care of set up and take down at the time of collection. This ensures we can collect our product intact with no damage or missing parts. When you book a balloon arch, you are paying for the time it takes to set up, covering cost of the balloons and to hire the products. The equipment to make the arches are to be returned at the end of hire including the arch poles, connectors, balloon rings and any accessories such as flowers, greenery, lights and ribbons* Please speak to us when booking if you wish to purchase accessories rather than hire with the arch. It is your responsibility as the hirer to ensure the equipment is not damaged during your event. Any damaged or missing items will result in a repair/replacement bill. Once equipment is built you will be briefed on guidelines to keep the arch secure, we always suggest an archway to be placed on a gift/cake table to minimise risk of being knocked.